About our products

What extensions are natural hair and which ones are fiber?
Myhair Barcelona offers two types of extensions:

Extensions of natural hair, which can be fixed as keratin, woven and adhesive, or “clip and pon” clip attachment, Twenty, Twenty Two, Click-Clack, Fleck and X100. Our extensions are 100% natural hair with REMY quality.

Synthetic or fiber hair extensions with “clip-on” clip attachment on Twenty Memory, Komplet, Click-Clack Memory, Funky and X900 models.

What is REMY hair?
It is the best type of hair that currently exists, which gives a more natural appearance and the most durable. The hair remains aligned in the same direction, from the root to the tip.

REMY hair does not become entangled or entangled, since the natural cuticle has not been extracted nor has it been chemically processed.

Its origin comes mainly from India, since this hair, by its texture and color, adapts perfectly to the majority of the ethnic groups of the rest of the world.

What is the difference between Indian and Asian hair extensions?
Asian hair extensions have a thick capillary structure. This makes the hair look smooth and strong.

The Indian hair extensions have a finer structure than the Asian one and allows to shape the hair more easily.

Are there California wicks?
Myhair barcelona offers authentic California wicks with extensions of keratin 100% natural hair.

With the other extension systems the same effect is achieved by combining different color tones.

Do extensions damage hair?
Myhair Barcelona extensions do not damage the hair as they integrate perfectly into our hair.

Formerly, the hair extensions were applied with silicone, which caused the hair to have to be cut when removing the extensions, causing a continuous weakening of the hair.

Nowadays, methods of application in hair extensions have improved, giving rise to keratin, a product that does not alter the hair structure of the hair and that when removed, just a little non-abrasive solvent, leaving the hair in optimal conditions.

It is always advisable to place a professional.

Does myhair Barcelona buy hair?
No, Myhair barcelona does not buy hair from a distributor other than Bleeding. Sangra is our only distributor with whom we have been working for more than 20 years, offering us the highest quality in all its products.
How do I have to wash my hair?
You have to untangle your hair before you wash it dry. This will make it easier to brush.

Myhair barcelona puts at your disposal a kit of products for the hair care.

Application, duration and placement of extensions

How do extensions apply?
Extensions of keratin: apply by means of a welding clamp attaching the tuft of the extension with keratin to a tuft of hair of the same thickness. Keratin does not damage the scalp or hair at any time, since it is made in the same structure as natural hair.

Woven extensions: apply with the help of rings, attaching the extension to the hair by means of a sew.

Adhesive extensions: apply by adhering two extension pieces with the hair in the middle of these to be held.

Clip extensions: fastened by micro-combs that are attached to the root.

Extensions of keratin require a person with a qualified training for placement. At Myhair Barcelona we have a team of professionals with the best training in the service of keratin extensions.

Can I put them myself?
The clip extensions you can place them yourself, since they do not require any technical procedure. They have invisibly incorporated combs, which are hooked to our hair.

Instead, keratin extensions, woven and adhesive need the help of a professional for placement.

How often should keratin extensions be replaced?
Keratin extensions are not reusable, because to guarantee their optimum quality, they are used only once. When 4-6 months have elapsed and keratin joints begin to be noticed, it is extracted by a non-abrasive solvent that dissolves this keratin, being able to remove the extensions leaving our hair in perfect condition. To reuse this method we proceed to use new extensions of keratin.
How long do extensions last?
The keratin extensions last between 4 and 6 months, after which time they are removed. The woven extensions last for 2 months until their first reuse and can be reused two to three times. The adhesive extensions last 1 month and a half until their first reuse and like the woven ones, can be reused of two to three times. The clip extensions last from 5 to 8 months, but their duration depends on the times that we use them, since with a good maintenance can last a long time.
Can the extensions be curled or ironed?
Natural hair extensions can be ironed and ruffled without any problem and synthetic hair extensions can be ironed and curled, while respecting a maximum heat of 180 °.
What extensions can be reused?
The extensions that can be reused are adhesive and woven. Adhesive extensions carry an adhesive that is removed with a nonabrasive AD solvent, the lock is repositioned and a small amount of adhesive is placed. The woven extensions have a built-in ring that is removed two months later, the woven extensions are placed in place and the ring is replaced.


How are the hairpieces fastened?
The hairpieces are fastened by means of a clip that is incorporated into the hairpiece in an invisible way, which allows the hair clip to be attached to the hair shaft for hours. The hairpieces are perfectly attached to the hair without causing tension, staying in place all day.
Can the shape of the hairpieces be ironed or modified?
The inserts do NOT accept any heat source, whether they are dryers, irons or hot water, but Myhair barcelona offers a wide selection of hairpieces of all shapes, widths and colors.
Can the hairpieces be washed?
The Myhair barcelona inserts can be washed, but only with cold water and using a neutral soap.


Can the FLEK be tinted?
Yes it can be dyed considering a tone or two to clarify and those who want to darken, as the natural hair has gone through a chemical process and carries a color sealing.
Is the FLEK straight or paraded?
The FLEK is a piece that is presented in a parade but can be modified to form a straight cut. It can be combed straight, with a side or middle stripe.


How many uses have the eyelashes?
Eyelashes have up to 30 re-use, if used correctly. Myhair Barcelona offers two types of  eyelashes: natural ones, which give a natural look to the look and intense that give a more intense look, perfect for more sophisticated looks.
I have finished the glue for the eyelashes, where can I buy more?
You can buy more glue in any of our  boutiques or through our SHOP ONLINE.
Are eyelashes natural hair?
Yes, myhair barcelona  eyelashes are natural mink hair.

The animal is not harmed at any time, because they simply brush the skin so that, naturally, the hairs fall and then go through a selection process to get only the best hairs for the eyelashes.

Method of payment, guarantee and prices

Can you pay online?
Yes, through our SHOP ONLINE myhairbarcelona.com.
If I do not like the product, can it be returned?
For reasons of hygiene, no changes or returns of the product are accepted once used.

However, if it proves that the product is unopened, the packaging in perfect condition and the date of purchase does not exceed 7 days, the product is returned. In this case, we proceed to change the product by another one of another color or equal or greater value, paying the difference. But in no case returning the money.

In SHOP ONLINE the amount is returned if the customer is not satisfied with the purchase made.

Do you accept payment and sign?
Yes. The payment and sign will only be effective for a period of 2 weeks once the product is in store. After this time, it will lose its validity being non-refundable.

The customer-franchise relationship in terms of the purchase and care process is unique and exclusive to each franchise.

The plant will be responsible for all aspects related to the product, its guarantee and quality standards.

Do you have a guarantee?
Natural hair has a 6-month guarantee from the date of purchase. The applicable warranty on the placement of natural hair extensions varies according to the fixation system.

Keratin extensions: 4 months or until the extraction of the same.

Weft extensions: 2 months or until its first reuse.

Adhesive extensions: 1 month and a half or until its first reuse.

The guarantee will be valid only when the maintenance and re-use is carried out in the Myhair barcelona boutiques, excluding the aging of the hair, wear or modifications with chemical products as well as defects in the product produced by improper or improper maintenance.