Description of the business

Myhair barcelona opens its doors as a hair extension boutique, where our “personal hairstyling” advise the best option to each person.  A unique space where women can touch the hair, try the products, see how the different looks suit them, take photos with their friends and enjoy their beauty.

Since “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we invite you to visit our YouTube Channel: and watch the videos representing the brand.

You can also visit our social networks: and Instagram to be up-to-date with the latest news and promotions.

Advantages of the franchise

Some of the benefits that we offer you as a Myhair barcelona are:

  • Forming part of a company with 30 years of experience in the hair extensions sector.
  • Specialized center representing a single brand with growing demand: Myhair barcelona is endorsed by thousands of customers from across Europe, Eastern countries and Latin America.
  • Wide variety of products, constantly researching new trends.
  • Excellent product quality.
  • New, exclusive type of business, in a fully growing and well known market.
  • Access to a profitable, low-risk investment.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Modern, minimalist, elegant, attractive boutique design. Full support from the Franchise head office from first contact.
  • Initial and continuous training for the franchisee and its employees.
  • Marketing and advertising support from the Franchisee head office.
  • Territory Exclusivity.

Myhair barcelona Head Office

Myhair barcelona works together in the Sangrá Head Office, its sole supplier and purchasing centre, from where the following tasks, among others, are carried out:

  • Automatic stock supply of the boutiques
  • Increasing and improving the product range through constantly researching the market and the product (R&D)
  • Dealing with any incidents that may arise with any of the products marketed
  • Managing contacts with potential franchisees both nationally and internationally
  • Running the Communication and Marketing strategies
  • Constant monitoring of sales and costs
  • Managing the Information System
  • Contact with Shopping Centres and the search for the best premises
  • Planning of the complete interior design with our Design Department
  • Advice on the Refurbishment Worksof the boutique
  • Advice and training on business management
  • Franchise Manuals: Technical, Procedures, Commercial, Image and Fitting Out of the premises
  • Human Resources and assistance with recruitment
  • Local Marketing Plan

Business Figures

Since the opening in 2011 in Barcelona, we have currently franchised boutiques at national and international level.

We are in expansion process, our target market being Latin-America and the Middle East.

If you want to open your own franchise, the initial investment is:

  • Entrryfee: 15.000€-22.000€
  • Training, franchise manuals and store design: 9.000€
  • Initial stock: 25.000€-30.000€
  • Computer equipment: 3.000€

The initial investment for construction work is not included.

Other data of interest:

  • Marketing and Advertising Royalty: 400 € /month
  • Running Royalty: free
  • 5-Year Contract

Location: First category shopping centers or main streets of the city center, with large numbers of pedestrians. Tourist cities over 100,000 habitants.

Shop Description: Shop between 35 and 40 m2, with wide facade, open access and easily visible.

New Image Design: The interior has been created with aesthetics endowed giving a great personality and identity. The materials and design have been carefully selected to improve customer experience and clearly communicating a variety of products and services that Myhair barcelona offers.

Franchisee profile and requirements

Myhair Barcelona selects franchisees able to finance a minimum investment of 64.000€ (+construction works) fully identified with the business concept. We require passionate people with knowledge of the beauty world, entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and able to develop an expanding business.

The management is simple and can count on the full support of the Head Office and other experienced franchisees. It is not necessary to be a hairdresser or be related to the world of beauty, or have experience in franchising. It can be run as a business, investment or on a self-employment basis.

If you identify with this profile, fill in the form below or call us for more information, sure you’ll fall in love!

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